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     Please visit my Mobygames developer profile for a partial list of video games I've been professionally credited with.

     I've done many things to be an active participant in the industry over the years, a timeline of highlights includes:

  • Visited Europe in April '11 as the dev team representative for The Sims 3 Generations, doing interviews and demos with press, along with meeting and talking to our excited community of fans

  • Participated in training at the Electronic Arts Salt Lake studio in March '11 to assist their team in ramping up development

  • Hired by Electronic Arts in '09 as a Producer on The Sims 3 franchise

  • Attended E3 '09 and '10 as a participant of the industry

  • Attended Game Developers Conference '09 in San Francisco

  • Sent by THQ to work at Sandblast Games in Seattle for two months in Summer '08 to help them finish Destroy All Humans 3: Path of the Furon

  • Focused on standards testing in Spring '08 and led the Xbox 360 Compliance team on my second project with THQ

  • Hired by Volition Inc. in '07 as a QA Tester

  • Member of the Goldeneye: Source development team as a level designer from '05 - '08

  • Designed a laser-tag arena for Funstation in Tallahassee, FL; it was constructed in Fall '06 and is a featured attraction of their amusement center

  • Guest of Capcom at E3 '04 and '06

  • Member of the Counter-Strike development team as a level designer from '02 - '03

  • Attended IAAPA '02 and '03 (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)

  • Manager of the gameroom at Adventure Landing, an amusement park in Jacksonville, FL

  • Sales associate at Electronics Boutique

  • Participant in the Activision Visioneers, a group handpicked by Activision for their positive influence on the online community, to conduct external beta tests

  • Webmaster of, the #1 news website for Activision's Battlezone series

  • Winner of the PC Accelerator Magazine mod contest, for my personal project, the Ebola Brahma Virus Standoff mod for Rainbow Six