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Goldeneye: Source
Valve Hammer Editor
textures, models, music
available in beta 1.0 of Goldeneye: Source

     Facility Classic was the Goldeneye: Source team's first attempt at a "classic" map. By our definition, the classic version of maps sticks as close to the N64 original as possible, only updating visuals that don't change the feel or the shape of the map in any way. This philosophy towards mapping can clearly be seen in the images below. The geometry of the map is technically as close to the N64 original as you can possibly achieve. The textures are inspired by what was seen on the N64, but they've been remade to be very detailed and hi-res. Some props are used in place to visually enhance what was seen in the original, such as the sinks, gas tanks, lab beakers, etc. The lighting has been overhauled to be faithful to the original, but with the effects expected from modern games.

     I couldn't be more pleased with how this map turned out. While the geometry is simplistic, the textures and lighting really bring a legendary map to life on a modern game engine. It proves that Goldeneye can still be a beautiful game without extensive modification.