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beta    (3.75mb)

     This map was an experiment with combining two different gametypes within Counter-Strike into one map. In includes both "de" (bombing) and "cs" (hostage rescue) gametypes, creating a tense situation where both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are playing offense and defense at the same time. This makes for very aggressive gameplay, as any team camping to defend their position will find themselves losing as the other team completes their objective. With four different vertical levels, and multiple routes to every objective, combat can come from any direction and players truly have to watch their backs at every step.

     This look and layout of this map was heavily inspired by SWAT III. In addition, I was able to gather many reference images of the real LA Subway upon my visit for E3 2004. Anyone who has traveled on the LA Subway will recognize the unique artistic flair of the various stations integrated into this map.