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Goldeneye: Source
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textures, models, music
available in future releases of Goldeneye: Source

     Embassy is the first map to be created for Goldeneye: Source based on completely original content and design. While the vast majority of the mod is intended to recreate the experience of Rare's classic Goldeneye 64, Embassy represents the team's attempt to bring their own creativity to the project.

     This map was also the basis for my senior thesis project at Jacksonville University as a requirement for completion of my B.F.A. Degree. As such, extensive time was invested into researching and documenting the fundamentals of level design, and how they would be integrated into this project. The four months of research culminated in a thirty-seven page thesis paper (.doc download [ 3.75mb ] or .pdf download [ 700kb ]) that I invite you to read for a comprehensive study of the design of this map.

     After completing the initial research, the next four months were spent building the level itself. This process included sketches, blocking out the geometry of the level, texturing, lighting, props, and then bringing everything to a polished state of completion. I was responsible for creating approximately 75% of the textures used throughout the map.

     In addition this level was exhibited in the Alexander Brest Museum and Gallery in April of 2007. Visitors were able to interact with a kiosk set up within the museum and explore the map at their leisure.