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Goldeneye: Source
Valve Hammer Editor
textures, models, music
available in future releases of Goldeneye: Source

     Bunker is my pride and joy of the work I've done so far on Goldeneye: Source. Being one of the more popular maps from the original game, it's important to the team that this map has a visual impact when we make it available in an upcoming release of the mod. Already many custom textures and refinements from the original map have been made, and I'm in the process of getting a lot of custom models added to the level as well. This is the "frontzone" version of the map; you may recognize it as the first version of Bunker that Bond visited in the single-player campaign while the underground facility was still under construction. Being smaller in square footage then the regular version of Bunker, this version will be completed first and be available shortly. Much of the work in these screens is still very much a WIP and subject to change.